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Transform your life with
Vibrational Plant Potions



Our History

Around 12,000 years ago in the ancient land of Hawaiki, the paradise where the gods lived with their divine assistants there was a great secret….

This great secret was kept amongst the trees, seeds, flowers, plants, fauna and flora and animal life on Hawaiki. There was no human form on Hawaiki.

This secret was the key to having ‘All the beautiful things’ in life.

I have been given a glimpse of the great secret from a tohuna who was born in 1937 in Aotearoa (New Zealand), her name today is Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere.

A ‘tohuna’ is a sower of the sacred seeds of knowledge, a keeper of the secrets.

A tohuna is not taught the knowledge but comes into the 3D realm with the ability to access the ancient knowledge from the Kura Huna (the mystery school of the Ancient Maori).

The Kura Huna is based in the uppermost Heaven, the twelfth plane.

This tohuna can trace her lineage back through 220 generations of tohuna back to the ancient people of Hawaiiki Tautau (also known as the magical name for New Zealand).

Some of you may refer to this land as Lemuria or Atlantia.

A ‘Child of the Mist’ meets the tohuna….. For those that know the story of Tuhoe ‘the children of the mist’ you will understand at a deeper level. But lets start from here….

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to see if we can work together to transform your life.

Decades ago when I was 8 years old I met the ‘tohuna’ Dr Rose Pere at our ancestral land known as Lake Waikaremoana.

Little did I know at the time that she was the holder of the ‘Sacred Plant Intelligence of the land of  Aotearoa’.

I also didn’t know at the time that she would share her ancient infinite wisdom with me so that I could go forth and assist other women to discover or rediscover their super powers.

I have been infinatley blessed with her knowledge and been exposed to the power that she upholds to support Papatuanuku (Earth Mother).

Aunty Rose as I now know her is here to provide love, peace, joy and truth to the Universe. She tirelessly does this on a daily basis.

I am honoured to have walked on her path beside her and immersed in the magic and wisdom that she possesses.

I can now assist women to ‘be, do and have anything that they want in this Universe at this time’.

I have access to the vibrational plant potions that provide the ‘perfect’ vibration of whatever you want in your life (relationships, financial , business and wellbeing and soul support).

All you have to do is want to take that first step into that vibration. That’s all.

The potions are simply an accelerator.

I now have the Secrets of the ‘Infinite world of plant intelligence of Aotearoa’.

Now let’s fast forward to today.

Welcome to the World of the ‘Empress Sorority’.

The word ‘Empress’ is very special to me as it is my life path.
In numerology this is the number 3.
In the tarot it relates to the card of the ‘Empress’.
In the World of ‘Vibrational Plant Potions’ it is the perfect vibration of
‘Feminine Power’.

Being an “Empress’ means living a life of ABUNDANCE. The Soul lesson is to live abundantly, harmoniously and creatively with others.

Your Soul is abundance and it wants you to ‘Be, do and have all you purely desire here on this planet’.

Today I live a life beyond my wildest dreams. Seriously wild!

I get to play with what I love doing which is making potions to support other woman (and I course I assist the Emperors as well who are doing the work as well. The World is a lot more fun with the Emperors in it as well).

The potions I make provide acceleration into the life that you ‘Purely Desire’ at a 5D, 4D and 3D level.

There is not much point in not being able to materialize everything you want into the 3D.

The satisfaction from creating what you desire from a vibrational level is paramount.

VIBRATION & FREQUENCY are the new currency.

The word ‘Sorority’ means sisterhood.

It is with Unconditional Love that ’We are One’.

When we gather together for a common cause we are stronger,

when we come together to support the Universe with our collective
‘Super Powers’ we are unstoppable.

The ‘Empress Sorority’ was formed to assist woman from all over the planet to remind them of their SUPER POWERS.

We are all one, but we are all bio-individual.

With the support of ‘plant intelligence’ in the form of Vibrational Plant Potions we will be taken back to our natural DNA state of THRIVING.

The words below are that of the wise tohuna of our time.

She has left this gift for us of vibrational medicine, which is a tonga (a treasure).

The Empress Sorority will uphold this divine treasure until the end of time.

That is our pledge, that is our promise.

I know that the power of this taonga is real and infinite.

I brought me back my #superpowers.

It woke me UP!

I remembered I am ABUNDANCE.

And for that I am eternally grateful.

My gift to the sisterhood is to now share this knowledge that has been bestowed within me to support the greater good of all.

Together we will thrive.

Ake Ake Ake,


And so it is.

Tutira mai nga iwi tatau tautu e
Assemble and join forth all sisters of the world

Whaia te maramatangame te aroha
Persue enlightment and uphold the presence and breath of the Great Spirit.
The Spirit of Unconditional Love

Enga iwi ki tapatahi tatau tatau e
All sisters unite and move forward together

With the greatest aroha (love) to you all.

Empress Sorority
All the beautiful things

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