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Work with me

I wanted to share some important information about the medicine
so you can gain the most out of using this amazing Key.

Here goes…

It is said that within every 2 years you are physically reborn, meaning every cell in your body is replaced with a new cell.

You have new skin, new bones, new organs, new everything, and you are rebuilt with the building blocks your body has available to use.

If you give your body ALL the nutrients it requires, your body can work magic, heal you and reverse ageing.

What most people do not consider is that you also have an energetic body, the non-physical part of you where your emotions, thoughts, soul and energetic centres reside.

You were born with your own unique vibrational code, and that code is filled with your gifts and genius plus specific challenges that exist to allow you to evolve beyond your code.

This energetic code part of you is vibrational and can evolve beyond imagination when it receives Vibrational Nutrients to re-create itself with.

To talk to us NOW about how we can work together to achieve the results you want in your life.


One of the best sources of Vibrational Nutrients comes from Vibrational Plant Medicine.

Specific flowers, ferns, trees, seeds and plants in New Zealand hold vibrational codes that will assist us in our adventure here.

When we injest these Vibrational Nutrients every day, we literally continue to evolve our energetic body, raise our vibrational frequency and open our channel to our soul and every expansive universal intelligence available.

When we evolve to this point, we can literally manifest anything we desire into the physical 3D reality we call life (love, joy, financial abundance, business success, basically whatever we desire).

Just like the nutrients we derive from food require to be consumed consistently, so do Vibrational Nutrients, if we stop eating healthy we deteriorate and if we stop nourishing our vibration, our vibration deteriorates.

All things are either growing or dying, so choose a lifestyle filled with positive habits and continue to evolve, expand your consciousness and live an extra-ordinary life.

Vibrational plant potions are now available for auto- ship and you can of course cancel anytime.

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